Introducing the QBench Blog

The QBench blog is finally up, and I wanted to put together a quick post outlining what's planned.

First and foremost, this blog will be an informative and helpful reference for our customers and readers. We plan on sharing news about QBench, the occasional deep dive into a particular feature, what we've learned about working in regulated environments, some of the challenges we've had the opportunity to work on, etc.

Being a general-purpose laboratory information management system (LIMS), QBench has a very broad customer base. In fact, at this time of this writing, QBench is used by clinical, agricultural, research, food (including pet food), environmental, and other types of labs doing chemical analysis, molecular testing, microbiology testing, protein research, genomic research, genome engineering (CRISPR nuclease design/validation), and others. Because of that, our team gets to work on many different workflows, processes, and challenges. Some of that learning we’d like to be able to share with the readers of this blog.

Many of our customers are also in some sort of regulated industry. We’d like to use the blog to share anything we’ve learned along the way that might be useful to our customers and readers. For example, we have planned a series of blog posts focused on HIPAA compliance.

Lastly, since our company is primarily a software company, we’ll probably share our opinion occasionally on various industry trends, challenges, and the state of the art.

Happy reading!