Laboratory Billing & Invoicing Integrated With a LIMS

Save thousands of hours per year and get paid faster.

Generate invoices right from your LIMS and sync payment activity.

  • Streamline your accounting by auto-generating invoices
  • Customize your own Invoice Templates to your own branding
  • Create Quotations, volume-based discounts, panel pricing, rush order pricing, and customer-specific pricing
  • See paid and reconciled Invoices
  • Integrate with QuickBooks and other accounting software
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Get Paid Faster

Speed up you lab and your back office

Sync lab and accounting data to automate more of your lab.

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Customize your own Invoice Templates to your organization's branding requirements. Automatically generate Invoices based on Order submissions. Automatically incorporate customer-specific pricing.

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Apply Payments against Invoices to display paid and reconciled Invoices.

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Send Quotes to Customers before submitting Order Requests. Convert Quotes to Invoices once approved.

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Customer-specific Pricing

Create customer-specific panel pricing, assay pricing, or discounts. Reward your most loyal customers and handle negotiated pricing with ease.

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Dynamic Discounts/Surcharges

Create percentage-based or flat rate discounts and surcharges. Charge higher prices for rush orders. Customers can select these options right from the Customer Portal.

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Panel and Assay Pricing

Create unique prices for panels of assays, individual assays, and even customer-specific prices for panels or assays.

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The Blueprint for the Perfect LIMS 

With this comprehensive overview of the six key factors every lab must consider, you’ll know which LIMS features you need to streamline and scale your operations.

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What Top Labs Are Saying

Love the system! The system is very customizable. If you can imagine it, you can develop it on QBench. The customer support is helpful and responsive. The team is willing to work with you to develop new features.

Nick Culhane
Lab Manager, Akoya Biosciences

QBench is at the core of our business. Plant and seed samples are tracked in realtime with advanced options that allows the most granular visibility to 30,000 foot views. SOPs, raw data, analytics, and reports are available in an easy to use platform. Our continuing growth and superior client experience is due to the scalability and reliability of QBench.

Nilesh Maharaj, PhD
Laboratory Director, CSP Labs

QBench is a modern, modular, and highly customizable LIMS, that provides our laboratory the flexibility to keep up with the ever-changing requirements placed on us by regulatory bodies and our customers. Its APIs are robust, the customer service team is responsive, and the cost structure is scalable.

Zachary Eisenberg
Vice President, COO at Anresco

QBench is user friendly. We like the ease of use and the possibility to customize functions and processes as needed. Starting from the kickoff call our transition to QBench was smooth. The whole team went above and beyond spending lot of time with us understanding our requirements. We highly recommend QBench for their reliability and prompt customer support they provide.

Felix Scholz
CEO, InfectoLab Americas