LIMS for Food & Beverage Testing Labs

Streamline your testing of food, food stuffs, feed, pet food, pallets, powders, beverages, supplements, oils, etc.

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Make the workflows in your internal quality testing or third-party testing lab more efficient.

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Why use QBench for Materials Testing?

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy in Your Food or Beverage Laboratory

Purpose-built functionality and templates to help your Food or Beverage laboratory eliminate manual tasks, ditch cumbersome old systems, and automate your entire lab.

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Track Lots and More

Track production lot numbers, product lines, and any number of custom fields.

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Track Product Specs

Keep track of product specifications within product lines or across customers.

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Automate Reporting

Automate COA generation and let your staff focus on what’s important

Broad Capabilities

QBench Supports a Wide Range of Food & Beverage Testing Types

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Food Safety Testing

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Composition Analysis

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Food Forensics

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Nutrient Content Testing

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Heavy Metal Testing

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Food Additives Testing

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Veterinary Drug Residue Testing

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Chemical Analysis

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Environmental Pollutants

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Illegal Additions Testing

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Microorganism Testing

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Pesticide Residue Testing

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Radioactive Element Testing

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Transgenic Testing

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Mycotoxin Testing

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Production Environment Testing

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Allergen Testing

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Shelf Life Testing

Streamline Your Lab

Save Thousands of Hours Per Year and Speed up Sample Throughput by Automating Your Food & Beverage Lab

Track Many Types of Food or Beverage Samples

QBench is applicable in many food and beverage testing laboratory environments. The configurable nature of QBench helps in collecting metadata from samples. Users can also configure QBench based on testing requirements for varying sample types. Data per sample can even include label claims or other testing specifications. QBench can track sample types such as food, supplements, beverages, produce, packaged food, feed, and more. Sample accessioning (ID generation) in QBench prevents costly mix-ups when performing testing. QBench users can identify samples and print bar-codes for easy sample retrieval. Samples in QBench can also integrate with state track-and-trace systems for streamlined reporting.

Great for Internal Quality Control or 3rd Party Testing

Food testing laboratories across several disciplines use QBench and its powerful features. Labs may be performing microbiological analyses, PCR testing, analytical chemistry, etc. and may have different needs when dealing data and the volume of data. Whether the testing data informs third party food processors/manufacturers, is being performed as internal quality control testing (QC), or even if the testing data will be used for R&D, QBench has the functionality to make the standard lab workflow more efficient. Labs can log internal and external samples (even from an ERP system), assign the required analyses, track testing progress, manage and enter data, and send results to customers. Technicians can track their work and managers can set up a personalized high-level view to keep track of laboratory workflow. Customers can access their results and track testing progress using the QBench customer portal.

Integrate Instruments Common to Food & Beverage Testing

QBench also supports instrument integration -- both analytical and liquid handling. QBench supports analytical instrumentation for synchronization of hundreds of data points. QBench also supports liquid handling equipment for facilitation of plate map tracking. The QBench team approaches every customer with dedicated attention ensuring successful instrument implementation.

Easily Earn and Maintain ISO 17025 Certification

Most labs in the food industry must be ISO 17025 accredited. QBench meets the requirements set forth in the new standard (ISO 17025:2017), which now includes a section specifically relating to LIMS requirements.

Rapidly Get Value from Your LIMS with a Fast Implementation

QBench's depth of administrator settings, ease of configuration, and flexibility to adapt to your workflows allows you to get up and running much faster than other LIMS. No-code tools allow you to do more yourself and easily edit workflows on the fly. While other LIMS can take 6-12 months and involve painful amounts of custom coding, QBench can often be configured and have workflows live in a few weeks.

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More QBench Capabilities

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Customized Fields

Highly customizable fields for easy data capture and custom metadata.

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Flexible Configuration

Flexible and can accommodate many scientific disciplines, including but not limited to analytical chemistry, microbiology, molecular testing, physical testing, microscopy, etc.

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Compliance Ready

Make compliance a breeze with a LIMS that's ISO 17025 compatible.

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ERP Syncing

Capable of communicating with existing systems such as ERPs or an MES.

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Internal or 3rd Party Labs

Effective for both internal QC testing labs or third-party testing labs.

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Instrument Integration

Capable of direct instrument integration, or batch data upload.

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Automations Engine

Create your own automations with our no-code automations engine.

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Visual Report Builder

Use our point-and-click report template builder to create appealing reports and Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

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Control Charts

Generate control charts across several variables with the click of a button.

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With this comprehensive overview of the six key factors every lab must consider, you’ll know which LIMS features you need to streamline and scale your operations.

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Integrate With Your Most Important Systems

The QBench API allows labs to interface with other systems, create custom automations, and do more with their data.


What Top Labs Are Saying

Love the system! The system is very customizable. If you can imagine it, you can develop it on QBench. The customer support is helpful and responsive. The team is willing to work with you to develop new features.

Nick Culhane
Lab Manager, Akoya Biosciences

QBench is at the core of our business. Plant and seed samples are tracked in realtime with advanced options that allows the most granular visibility to 30,000 foot views. SOPs, raw data, analytics, and reports are available in an easy to use platform. Our continuing growth and superior client experience is due to the scalability and reliability of QBench.

Nilesh Maharaj, PhD
Laboratory Director, CSP Labs

QBench is a modern, modular, and highly customizable LIMS, that provides our laboratory the flexibility to keep up with the ever-changing requirements placed on us by regulatory bodies and our customers. Its APIs are robust, the customer service team is responsive, and the cost structure is scalable.

Zachary Eisenberg
Vice President, COO at Anresco

QBench is user friendly. We like the ease of use and the possibility to customize functions and processes as needed. Starting from the kickoff call our transition to QBench was smooth. The whole team went above and beyond spending lot of time with us understanding our requirements. We highly recommend QBench for their reliability and prompt customer support they provide.

Felix Scholz
CEO, InfectoLab Americas

#1 on G2's Top LIMS in North America

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