QBench Feature Roundup - Early October

What’s New:

  • General Search Bar:
  • You can search using the search bar at the top right of the navigation menu and view the results in each module’s respective list page
  • Filter modal for Orders, Samples, Tests, Assays, Customers, Contacts, and Inventory now have a search bar at the bottom that utilizes the general search bar
  • Can combine filter criteria with a search query
  • Order Locks: Orders can now be locked. Samples and Tests cannot be modified if their order is locked
  • Report Config Templates
  • Can now add attachments to report configs and invoice templates
  • Can reference these attachments (images) in reports
  • Can now also reference Invoice, Order, Sample, and Test attachments (images) in reports
  • QMS Documents and Training:
  • Can now link documents to training items
  • Viewing a document will show who is trained with the document
  • Nestable Sample Filter Groups: Can now create filter groups for samples for more organizational power

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Custom IDs now have the option to show only year in YYYY format
  • Added a link to QBench Support when you click your name at the top right
  • Percent charges can now be greater than 100%
  • Some date fields in the customer portal are now showing the correct time zone
  • Can now delete Worksheets
  • Changed invoice status name “COMPLETED” to “INVOICED”
  • Can now edit any sample or test field within the test list page via the “Action” dropdown menu
  • Test list page UI is now updated when using the action dropdown to set comments