QBench Feature Roundup - Mid December

What’s New:

  • Order logging Assay (or panel) assignment has been streamlined during order logging. The assay assignment window has been redesigned to make it easier to make all of your desired assignments without having to open and close the window repeatedly. You can now select the assay you want to assign on the left side and choose the corresponding samples on the right and click "Assign". This process can be repeated without submitting changes.
  • Tests page
  • The "Action" button has been divided into three (or two, if you're not using the customer portal) buttons to make it easier to navigate. Ability to change order status in bulk fashion has been added to Action dropdown. Customer portal dropdown also has the option to publish orders to the customer portal in bulk fashion.
  • Customer Portal
  • When creating or modifying an order request, there will now be an alert if you attempt to navigate away from the page when you have unsaved changes.
  • Assigning assays (or panels) has been streamlined to work the same as order logging in QBench as mentioned above.
  • Worksheets Worksheets with many calculations have been optimized to save much faster. User experience has been changed slightly. After initially saving you will see a "Worksheet processing" message. Worksheet will become available again after processing is complete, usually within a few seconds.

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where total size of attachments was not calculated correctly when emailing results, causing an incorrect error message to be shown.
  • Fixed dates and times not being converted to correct timezone in reports.
  • Fixed email settings for billing not showing in configuration menu if both customer portal and billing module were enabled.
  • Fixed assay sort ordering for panels not working in reports.
  • Emails have been fixed to show custom IDs if they are being used.
  • Fixed Excel updates for samples not working if "Fail on unrecognized column" option was checked and not all columns were filled out.
  • Fixed test additional fields not appearing in API responses.
  • Fixed fields not saving when creating sub-samples from order logging page with standard sample entry enabled (read-only entry was not affected).
  • Fixed test and sample pages alerting that associated assay had no default report assigned when trying to generate default report if sample was not attached to order, even if assay did have a default report.
  • Fixed upload report button not showing in report tab for order and sample pages when no report had been generated yet.
  • Fixed analytics intermittently failing to load on dashboard.
  • Fixed invoice analytics not displaying correctly on dashboard.
  • Fixed sample information not displaying correctly at top left of test detail page.
  • Fixed issues with Excel data paste and arrow key navigation in worksheets.