Evaluating a LIMS - Getting Started With QBench

Finding the right LIMS for your lab is a challenging task so let's make sure you know everything we offer to help you in your search. Companies and institutions vary widely in how they approach their search to a new LIMS. Some companies choose to work through consultants, some post or distribute RFPs (possibly in conjunction with consultants), where as others simply reach out to several vendors and see what's out there. Regardless of what route suits you our team is happy to help.

Getting Started

The most successful route we've seen is to send over information to our sales team. Most customers will already have some sort of workflow established and in the case of testing labs they'll have a final report (or certificate of analysis) already figured out. If you have an example COA/report that's perfect to send over to our sales team. We've seen a lot of them and are happy to review yours to better understand what your lab does.

Have you booked a live demo?

The live demo is a starting point to understanding what QBench is and how it may fit in your lab. During the demo you're encouraged to stop the presenter any time to ask questions - even if they're very specific to your workflow. You can dial-in and view the demo from the comfort of your office (or anywhere). You can invite anyone from your team whether they're in the office or remote.

Deep dive demo

The deep dive provides you an in-depth look at specific features or use cases that are of interest to you. Any questions or features that we didn't have time to cover during the demo will get covered during the deep dive. To ensure a productive conversation a product engineer or area specialist will be available on the call to answer your questions. Prior to the deep dive it's a good idea to send over any documentation or examples of your workflow (report or COA as well).


You also have the option of having a proof-of-concept built for you. If you're interested in seeing a specific workflow or process implemented in the LIMS our team can work with you to define a narrow set of requirements and build a proof-of-concept. Ultimately, giving you the confidence you need to make a decision without the financial burden of purchasing an entire system.

We're flexible

Our sales and engineering teams are happy to work with you through your decision-making process, whatever shape it may take. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you evaluate QBench!