QBench Feature Roundup - Early February

What’s New:

New Print Feature

  • Added a new feature where you can create print templates for specific data types, so you can generate PDF documents, similar to generating reports/CoAs. Currently this feature is limited to orders and batches. A common use case would be generating a chain of custody form for an order. Template configurations can be accessed by going to Configuration>Application>Templates>Print. On the order and batch detail page, you will now see a Print tab where you can select a template once one has been created and generate the document. All previously generated documents will be listed out in this tab. For orders, you will see an additional checkbox next to each document where you can optionally choose to attach it to the sample receipt email for that order.

New Protocols Feature

  • You can now create Protocols within QBench that can be assigned to either assays or batches. A Protocol defines a set of steps that can be tracked for tests or batches. To start using protocols, first go to Configuration>Application>General, and make sure the Protocols option is checked under the Modules section, then click Save. Under Configuration>Lab you will see two new options, Protocols and Protocol Steps. You can create Protocol Steps to define the various parts of a protocol. Each Protocol Step can have a specific worksheet associated with it, and these steps can be reused across different protocols. Once you have some Protocol Steps created, you can create a Protocol and then search for and associate steps to it under the Steps tab. Protocol Steps can be rearranged in any order you like per Protocol. If you want to associate a Protocol to an Assay or Batch, you will need to make sure the Protocol field is not hidden under Configuration>Application>Fields and Data Types. When tests are created, Protocol Steps will be created for that test if the corresponding Assay has a Protocol associated with it. For batches, you can choose a Protocol when creating the Batch. You can interact with Protocol Steps for Test and Batches on their respective detail pages under the Protocol tab. Each protocol can have a start and complete date recorded, and you can fill out data for its worksheet if applicable for the step. The first step as it's defined in the protocol will automatically be marked as the current step when a test or batch is created. When a step is complete and you are ready to move to the next step, you can use the Save and Make Current button in the next step.


  • Worksheets now support a new "foreach" tag that can be used only for worksheets associated with Batches and Protocol Steps on Batches. This new tag supports repeating content for either samples or tests associated with the batch. For example, you can now create a table with a row of inputs for different data points that need to captured for each sample, and a row will be created for each sample you include in the batch. This is completely dynamic, so content will be updated appropriately as samples/tests are added/removed from the batch. If you would like information, documentation, or would like help getting a worksheet set up using this new functionality, please contact us at support@qbench.net.


  • You can now filter tests by date created.
  • On the test list page, you can now choose to include the panel and any additional panel fields when configuring your view.

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the date created field was not including the time when retrieving an order from the API.
  • Fixed issue where the last updated timestamp was not being updated when adding/removing assays to a panel and vice versa.
  • Added panel data type to API /updates endpoint.
  • Fixed issue that was causing equipment schedules to appear as overdue in some cases even though the next due date had not passed yet.
  • Fixed active option for accessioning type so that any accessioning types not marked active will not appear in search dropdowns.
  • Fixed invoice template to support uploading multiple attachments.
  • Fixed textbox field types not being formatted correctly in Excel exports.
  • Fixed issue where company name would not save when saving Customer Portal email settings.