QBench Feature Roundup - Late February

What’s New:

  • Locations
  • You are now able to see the number of samples in each location on the location list page.
  • On the location detail page, a new Samples tab has been added where you can view all samples currently in the location including how long each sample has been in the location. You can also add samples to the location in bulk from this tab. You can optionally choose to search for the samples you would like to add in a dropdown or you can switch to a barcode scanning input where you can scan barcode labels encoded with the sample ID to move samples into the location.
  • A new button was also added to the location list page to add samples into a location in bulk. On this page, you can choose to search for a location or scan/enter a location ID to select a single location, then search for or scan multiple samples into that location.
  • A Locations tab has been added to the sample detail page, where you can view records of each location the sample has been in, including who moved it in/out, date and times it was moved in/out, and how long it was in the location.
  • All features mentioned above require the Location field to be exposed for the Sample data type.

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where creating new batches from the sample and test list page was not showing the correct fields based on the field configurations for the Batch data type.
  • Worksheet and Protocol Step tabs are now scrollable on the batch detail page.
  • Fixed issue where custom sample IDs were not showing correctly on the batch detail page under the Samples tab.
  • Fixed issue where you could not create a batch if you selected a QC Data Configuration.
  • You can now delete an Accessioning Type.