QBench Feature Roundup - Mid March

What’s New:

  • Samples
  • Sub-samples will now be assigned to the same order as their parent samples by default. You will have an option to not attach sub-samples to their parent sample's order during creation.
  • You can now assign tests and print labels for sub-samples on the sub-sample tab of the sample detail page.
  • Tests
  • Behavior when assigning tests using accessioning types will now be consistent for panels and individual assays. If you select a sample and assay that have mismatched accessioning types, the test will not be created.
  • If an order is in the completed status and all its tests are also in the completed status, adding a new test to that order or moving one of the already completed tests to a previous status will move the order back to its most recent previous status.
  • Invoicing Customers can now have custom panel prices, similar to custom assay prices.
  • Locks You will now be able to see whether a record is locked from a list page instead of just a detail page.
  • Structured/Unstructured Datasets: You can now download structured and unstructured data for all samples/sources across multiple pages. This will take into account any saved filter or filter criteria you have applied, and you will still have the option to only download data for items you select.

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed misspelling on Category dropdown for inventory items.
  • Fixed issue where exporting test to Excel would fail if no sample fields were exposed.
  • Fixed issue with Customer link on source list page.