QBench Feature Roundup - April 29, 2019 Release

What’s New:

Document control

  • Added ability to require more than one approval on a document/revision. (one rejection of document/revision will require ALL approvers to review/approve document again for a newly submitted version)
  • When you reject a document version, you will now have the option to send an email to other assigned approvers as well as the submitter of the document version while drafting rejection notes.
  • You can now set documents to automatically distribute via email to associated Teams and Training Set users once they are approved.


  • Items On the Inventory Items (Stock) page, you’ll have the option to select multiple stocks and consume them all at once


  • There is now a sync button on the Invoice detail page so that you’re able to sync an Invoice directly rather than on the list page or the initial prompt when viewing an out-of-sync invoice.
  • You’ll now have the ability to create multiple Invoice templates within QBench. When you try generating/emailing your Invoice, you’ll now be prompted to select a template to use for the Invoice.
  • When creating a new Invoice, you’ll be given the option to create a regular Invoice or a Multi-Order invoice. The Multi-Order invoice will prompt you to select a Customer and then the Orders from that Customer will display in a table (note: only Orders not associated with an Invoice will populate in this table). You’ll also have the option to filter these Orders by Status and/or Date Completed. You’ll then be able to fill out the rest of the information of the invoice and how you’d like to group the Assays for this invoice (note: there will NOT be a preview of the line items that will be created on the invoice). This feature will allow you to create a single invoice from multiple Orders.


  • You’re now able to customize a Printable Document for a list of Tests.
  • On the Test list page, you’re given the option to Print a selected group of Tests or all Tests (can be paired with the filter functionality) which will prompt you to select a Printable Document template. This feature will allow you to create a general document for the selected Tests and access data across multiple Tests without being restricted to a single Order or Sample


  • There is now an option to set a Priority on Assays in a Panel. This option can be located in the Panel detail page where you’re able to assign Assays. The Priority feature allows for strict Test workflows when utilizing Panels. The feature will prevent Tests in subsequent priorities from being manipulated and inform users that a Test in higher priority must be completed first before proceeding to other Tests on a Sample. On the Test list page, you’ll notice that Samples that have Tests with assigned priorities will have icons to show which Tests have been completed in priority, which is currently a priority, and subsequent Tests with a priority on the Sample.

Customer Portal

  • There is a new configuration option to disable the ability for Customer Portal users to create/edit tests for Order Requests. Note: if tests are enabled in the “Enabled Views” section, Tests will still be visible for published Orders.
  • There is a new configuration option to convert Orders to Order Requests. This feature will allow QBench Users to create & log an Order and then convert said Order to an Order Request on the Order Detail page. Doing so will notify all Portal Users associated with the Order’s Customer via email. The Portal User will see a new Order Request that is marked as ‘Revision Required’ in the Customer Portal.
  • When publishing Sample or Test reports to the Customer Portal, you’re now able to group the Samples by Order or group the Tests by Sample/Order in the email. This was to prevent large quantities of emails being sent out if publishing large amounts of reports at once.


  • Able to upload large files as attachments
  • You will now see the upload progress of attachments

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the ability to clear out all teams on a User
  • Fixed generation of invoice error when deleting the same assay off of all the same panel on an order
  • Fixed being able to filter by Batch IDs on the Sample list page
  • Fixed the inability to generate an Invoice if details of the Invoice has been edited and not saved prior to generating the Invoice document
  • Copy/paste functionality was clearing out subsequent rows & columns if data copied didn’t match the length of the rows & columns of the worksheet