QBench Feature Roundup - May and June 2019

What’s New:


  • Can now create a new data type called Payments for a customer
  • These payments can be applied to invoices that have an outstanding balance
  • Also available through the API


  • Users can now create an invoice across multiple orders
  • Users can now export invoices to excel

Specifications (Assay)

  • In the assays page in the conditions tab, can now create a new criteria called Specification
  • Specifications can define lower/upper limits for a field or check if a field is equal to a certain value
  • Can be used in worksheets and report templates


  • Can now clone a batch with various options
  • Can now remove a worksheet from a batch
  • Can now filter by batch in sample and test pages

Account / Passwords

  • Now enforcing at least one special character in passwords
  • Users are now unable to use their previous 4 passwords
  • Passwords are required to be changed every 90 days
  • Added a configurable activity timeout to automatically log out a user is idle

SAML Sign In

  • Can now configure SAML Single Sign On with Okta and OneLogin
  • If SAML is used, Google Single Sign On will be disabled
  • Contact us for more info and documentation on how to set up


  • Documents now support revisions rather than just versions. If a document is revised, the document is marked with an incremental number after the version number i.e 1.2, 1.3, etc.
  • A new version of a Document will overwrite a drafted Document and retain the version number of the drafted Document.
  • User with write permission to the Document module are able to mark documents as required for other users to acknowledge and understand the document.
  • This feature will provide a new tab for all users on the document titled ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT’ where users will be able to read over the document and create a record stating that the user has read, acknowledged and understood the document.
  • For admins, they will have an extra portion in the view to show records of all users that have acknowledged the document
  • Email template for document approval now uses the Document Title in the Subject line


  • In the attachment tab for Tests, users are able to view attachments from the Assay listed below the Test attachment table
  • Users are able to input default Test values when creating new Tests On the Assay detail page, there’s a new tab called ‘Default to Test’ where the user is able to input default values for each exposed test field. Once saved, the next time a technician creates a new test using the edited Assay, the Test will be created with the default values saved previously.
  • Added a Delete button to the Inventory Item detail page to allow for deletion of items. If there is a record of use for the inventory item, the link to the item will inform users that the item has been deleted

Printable Documents

  • When creating a Printable Document Template, users now have the option to create Sample level and Test level Print Document Templates.
  • On each respective detail page, you’re able to navigate to a Print tab to generate a printable document using the specific object.

Customer Portal

  • In the Customer Portal Appearance Settings, administrators are able to customize the Order Request Notification Message Subject and the title for the Submit Order Request button


  • REST API - Be able to create/update/view/delete batches
  • Event API - Event is triggered whenever an attachment is uploaded or deleted


  • Users are able to use an inventory stock from the Test detail page

QBench Core

  • In the History tab for all QBench objects that track history, users are able to click into a record and view the changes that were made when creating/updating the object. For objects that utilize worksheets, there is a worksheet tab in the modal to view worksheet changes as well.
  • Introducing a new module called Generic Attachment Upload to work in conjunction with QBench’s Event API as a solution for Instrument data integration.

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed modal window not scrolling in report emailing if there are too many attachments
  • Fixed various bugs in the recent data export feature
  • Made adding contacts to customers via the api easier
  • Fixed “Disable test in order requests” checkbox not working as intended for brand new apps
  • Fixed attachments loading slowly when selecting for report emails
  • Added attachments to order publish emails
  • In customer portal, fixed order filter button loading order requests page instead of orders page
  • Fixed bug where order goes into a custom status that has been deleted
  • Fixed setting a default view clearing out the user’s assigned teams
  • The window that displays Test, Batch, and Protocol Step worksheets are now horizontally scrollable.
  • Customization Budget renamed to Professional Services
  • When publishing reports to the Customer Portal, clicking the Do Not Send button doesn’t do anything
  • Protocol step title does not show up
  • When previewing a custom ID it's not showing leading zero in the date field
  • Couldn’t upload attachments on Order Request from the Customer Portal
  • If blurb is hidden on the select signature modal, user is unable to select a signature option
  • Unable to delete Users
  • Users couldn’t edit teams after creating a new team
  • Uploaded reports are marked as failed to generate if uploading a report fails to generate the report
  • Test excel export skips additional fields where Assay field identifiers matched Test field identifiers