QBench Release Notes v1.16

What’s New:

Customer Portal

  • Users can now print sample labels in the Customer Portal from the Order Results page
  • Users can now filter by the published status of tests
  • Users can now filter by the published status of the test result
  • Users can now filter by which tests have been received through the Customer Portal
  • Generated reports are now able to be set as publicly viewable by anyone with a valid link
  • Can configure the style of your download page
  • Can set/unset the public status of a report
  • Can include a QR Code in generated reports


  • Now hiding acknowledgement tab if there are no approved versions available
  • Renamed “Submit Revision” button to “Upload Revision”
  • When selecting a document, first document version is now uncollapsed if there is a revision
  • Not sending emails anymore when making revision
  • Users with Document “Read” permissions can now see the “Manage” button on the documents page, allowing them to navigate to a document and acknowledge it
  • Now only users who are part of the document team/training are able to acknowledge
  • Now sending emails to users who need to acknowledge a document
  • When a team gets added to document
  • When a user gets added to team
  • When a user gets added to training with associated document
  • When a document gets associated with a training item
  • New tab on the document landing page for “Action Items” Displays any items that user needs to approve or acknowledge


  • All additional fields are now included in API JSON response
  • All data types now expose the “last_updated” field if present
  • Now exposing the Worksheet Config for Tests and Batches
  • Now exposing Batches on Test and Sample
  • Now able to filter by “last_updated” alongside other parameters
  • New endpoint for Patient Contacts
  • Can filter by is_doctor when calling Contacts endpoint
  • Can create a Contact with the doctor attribute
  • Can create an Order Request and link a Contact (Doctor)


  • Now able to configure automatically generated invoices to apply discounts on each individual line item instead of the entire subtotal
  • Added option to automatically update invoice date to today when saving

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • Fixed bug in QMS Documents where renaming a Document/Folder says there is a duplicate if only the letter case is different
  • Fixed bug in QMS Documents where the “Modify” button was not uploading the selected document
  • Fixed bug in QMS Logs where user gets prompted if you are sure to leave the page when saving a new Log Entry
  • Fixed bug where using the “Upload Report” function does not pass in timezone
  • Fixed bug where deleting an option from a “Select” additional field will cause any data type using that option to become blank
  • Added automatic date capture when assigning a Test Custom Status
  • Setting a Test to a Custom Status where it’s parent is “IN PROGRESS” will prompt if you want to update the “Date Started” field if blank
  • Setting a Test to a Customer Stats where it’s parent is “COMPLETED” will prompt if you want to update the “Date Completed” field if blank
  • Now able to append Order-Level Attachments to report When uploading an Attachment under the “Attachments” tab of the Order Detail Page, there is a checkbox to “Attach to Report”. If this is checked, it will be appended as the last page of your Order Report