QBench Release Notes v1.18

What’s New:


  • Users are now able to create Sub-Locations!
  • Users can configure Location Types to help manage Sub-Locations
  • Updated the way Location searching works so that the user can drill down to a specific Sub-Location
  • Users are now able to see a list of Inventory Items within a Location from the Location Detail Page

Test Priority Groups:

  • Updated icons for clarity and visibility
  • Changed behavior when reverting a past-priority item to a “NOT STARTED” status:
  • Sets the selected Test status to “NOT STARTED” and sets it as current priority
  • Sets all other Tests after the selected one back to a “Not Done” priority state

Activity Log:

  • Users can now enable an additional module that will track all actions done throughout the QBench Application
  • Users will be able to view these logs if they are an admin


  • Can now reference the user who generated a document within the template code (Report, Invoice, Label, PrintDoc)
  • Object data structure: {“first_name”: “Ringo”, “last_name”: “McCartney”}
  • How to reference in template: {{ user.first_name }}

Customer Portal:

  • Users are now able to provide their own message when sending out a Customer Portal Invite email
  • Users are now able to configure the Sample “Source” field to be displayed in the Customer Portal


  • Users are now able to apply an Equipment or Inventory Item to a batch These items can be referenced from a worksheet using a “for each” loop

Test Filters:

  • Added Custom Statuses as a global filter option
  • Users can now configure a Test Global Filter to appear on the dashboard
  • Added pre-defined date range for “relative”. Users can filter for “X Days before today” or “X Days after today”

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • Now alerting the user that the application was unable to save your data when data is too long / has too many characters
  • Now logging a history entry when applying equipment to tests
  • On “Sub Samples” tab of Sample page, now only modified Samples are saved when clicking the “Save Sub Samples” button
  • On Invoice page, now disabling “Sync” button after first click to prevent rapid syncing
  • On Equipment List Page, the next Schedule that is due will be bolded
  • Fixing bug where teams with the same names were allowed
  • Users are now able to select Core Date Fields when associating a Status to a date capture field