QBench Release Notes December 09, 2019 - v2.2.0

What’s New:


  • Users are now able to change the view on the Test List page to be Order-centric
  • Users are now able to view Worksheets on the Test List page in a vertical fashion rather than paged
  • Users are now able to export their Test View alongside Worksheet data from the Test List Page


  • Users now have the option to lock an Order status until all of its Tests are complete
  • Users can now enable/disable Test statuses automatically updating Order statuses (e.g. Order Status changes to COMPLETED once all Test Statuses are COMPLETED)

Customer Portal:

  • Customer Portal users can now utilize the “PrintDoc” functionality on the Order Requests page


  • Users are now able to delete a Location
  • Caution: This also deletes all of its Sub-Locations
  • On the Locations list page, the Location name now includes its parents
  • Location Types now have an icon


  • Users can now toggle between TinyMCE and CodeMirror when editing Worksheet Configuration (QWML)
  • QWML now supports LN and LOG functions in calculations
  • Example: __(calculation, my_calc, (ln(5) + log(10)))__


  • Sample detail page now includes a tab which shows Plate Map information


  • Users can now bulk use Inventory Stock on the Inventory Stock tab of an Inventory Item

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • Users can now modify the display name of Order, Sample, Assay, and Panel objects
  • Templates now have versioning so users can track all changes made over time
  • The Worksheet tab of Test History entries now displays the correct Worksheet version
  • The first 3 fields from the Fields Configuration are now shown when searching for Assays
  • Fixed bug where users could not delete an Accessioning Type if it was associated with a deleted Assay
  • Fixed UI issue with hiding/showing the left panel annotations on specific pages
  • Fixed bug on Sub-Sample tab of Sample Detail Page where assigning an Assay returns a “Required Fields Missing” error
  • Fixed bug on Sub-Sample tab of Sample Detail Page where it only saved one Sample when modifying the Location field
  • Fixed UI bug on Sub-Sample tab of Sample Detail Page where the date selector was very large