QBench Release Notes December 25, 2019 - v2.3.0

What’s New:


  • Admin users are now able to view their current purchased subscriptions and past subscription details
  • Applying a purchased subscription to a user is now managed in a new 'Subscriptions' tab when editing a user from the User Settings page


  • Users can now increment/decrement a worksheet input field by 1 using the key-binding “Alt + Up/Down Arrow”
  • In the QWML configuration, the tag keyword argument “increment_by” can be added to change how much each keystroke should increment by, for example: __(input, i1, increment_by=5)__ will increment by 5 instead of 1

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • Fixed API 404s sometimes returning HTML rather than a proper JSON response
  • Fixed Custom Statuses not being able to re-order when configuring
  • Fixed bug where the select input does not work for Additional User Object fields using the “Edit Field” action on the Test List page
  • Fixed bug where using the “Alt + Enter” keyboard shortcut to autofill fields would convert the time on date fields between AM/PM
  • Added “category” and “category_id” keys to the Assay API JSON response
  • Added “customer” to Invoice Template context when generating a Multi-Order Invoice
  • Increased the character length limit of Custom Statuses from 45 to 80