QBench Release Notes January 14, 2020 - v2.4.0

What’s New:


  • Users can now print an Order Label from the Order Logging Page
  • Customer “Special Instructions” will now pop up automatically when selecting a Customer upon Order Creation
  • Customer Portal Updates:
  • Made the Report icon in the Customer Portal bigger for visibility
  • Made the Pending Order Request (“!”) icon bigger in Order List Page for visibility


  • Users are now able to sort the Assay List Page by a selected field when filtering
  • Users are now able to filter by either Sample Project or Order Project on the Test List Page


  • Users are now able to add Tags to Inventory Items
  • Users are now able to filter by Tags on Inventory Items


  • Users are now able to add Comments to generated Reports


  • Added an option when auto-generating Invoices upon Order creation to group line items by Panel


  • Users are now able to see the total number of Tests and Samples on a Batch from the Batch List View
  • Users are now able to see the Batch’s Worksheet title on the Batch List View and Detail Page

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Worksheet jinja2 filters to match with the normal Template filters
  • Attachments and Comments are now visible in Object History
  • Fixed issue where users were allowed to specify a non-PDF Order Attachment to be attached to generated reports
  • Fixed issue with default values on Dropdown additional fields where it would save the value is “--Select--” rather than blank
  • Fixed issue when adding a Panel to a Sample from the Sample Detail Page
  • Fixed issue where deleted Inventory Items would appear in the list view when filtering