QBench Release Notes January 28, 2020 - v2.5.0

What’s New:


  • Users are now able to specify a Quantity when receiving Inventory Stock
  • If an Inventory Stock has a Quantity, an amount can be specified for Quantity Used when using an Inventory Stock on a Test or Batch. This will automatically subtract from the original Quantity and keep a running total until the Quantity Available reaches 0.

Additional Fields:

  • Users are now able to create a new additional field for selecting multiple users
  • Users are now able to filter items by this new additional field
  • Users are now unable to modify an additional field type after the field has been created

Customers and Contacts:

  • Customer information now displays the first 3 fields in the Field Config when searching them in dropdowns
  • Users can now configure Default Values and Required Fields for Customers and Contacts


  • Users are now able to clone Samples from the Order Logging page

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Report object was not passed into template context for Cover Page Templates when uploading a Report
  • Fixed issue with Equipment List page mistakenly showing an item’s schedule is Overdue
  • Fixed issue where Sample Lab ID does not get blanked out when deleting an Order
  • Added base64 encode/decode Jinja Filters to Report Template Configurations
  • Added base_price and Assay/Panel Customer Discounts for Assay API response payload