QBench Release Notes February 13, 2020 - v2.6.0

What’s New:

Customer Portal:

  • LIMS users can now skip the “Approve/Reject” step when Customer Portal users submit an Order Request
  • LIMS users are now able to publish Worksheet results to the Customer Portal
  • LIMS users can now configure the Customer Portal users to be able to see all Projects, but only Orders pertaining to them will be visible on that Project
  • Customer Portal users are now able to create a new Project within the Order Request Form
  • Customer Portal users are now able to filter by Projects on the Orders list page
  • Customer Portal users are now able to “Share” Orders on a Project to other Customers


  • Users can now add additional Customers to an Order
  • These additional Customers will be able to view the Order from the Customer Portal
  • The Contact emails of the specified Customers will appear in a new “CC Emails” field when sending report emails

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Improved select dropdowns when utilizing the search functionality so that results look at the first 3 fields of the Field Configuration for that data type
  • Added a vertical view option to the Free Response modal on the Tests List page
  • Fixed Equipment next due date incorrectly converting time zones in the dashboard
  • Fixed issue where Sub-Locations still appear on Parent Location pages after being deleted