QBench Release Notes March 09, 2020 - v2.7.0

What’s New

Field Sets:

  • Users are now able to create Field Sets for Samples and Tests
  • A field set can be configured to contain specific fields for their respective data type (e.g. a Sample Field Set can contain the Sample Type and Description fields)
  • From the Tests List Page, users will be able to select some Tests and edit their fields from a Field Set they created. A spreadsheet will appear and the user can navigate the cells to enter data


  • Admins can now configure Reports to be automatically public once generated
  • Users are now prompted to set a Test to COMPLETED if it is not yet completed when publishing a report from the Test Detail Page
  • Admins can now configure a dynamic email subject when sending out reports. Using the jinja2 templating syntax, you can make the email subject dynamically display the Order/Sample/Test ID. This also extends to each entity’s fields such as the Order’s Date Received field


  • Users are now able to print Location Labels from the Location Detail Page
  • Updated button text for printing labels to be more descriptive


  • Users are now able to include a Test’s Samples when assigning to a Batch
  • API users can now filter Batches by name

Customer Portal:

  • Customer Portal users are now able to view a list of all their Samples from the Customer Portal
  • Customer Portal users can filter Samples on a variety of fields


  • Users are now able to delete Teams

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Users can now modify the color of Order and Test statuses
  • Users are now able to filter by the Paid field on the Invoice List Page
  • Swapped the Plate Map tab and the Worksheet tab on the Batch Detail Page
  • Updated the Plate Map cell borders to be more visible
  • Fixed UI issue where “None” was auto-filled on Contact fields when creating a new Contact
  • Fixed UI issue with “Select report” dropdown when generating a report from the Order/Sample/Test Detail pages
  • Fixed logic when auto-populating a Test’s Estimated Complete Date to fall back to its Order’s Date Received field when calculating the date
  • Fixed issue where updating a Test’s worksheet config did not work when it did not have a Worksheet to begin with
  • Fixed issue where Invoices don’t get prompted to sync when removing a Sample from the Order
  • Fixed filter logic for Equipment when filtering using the “Due Within” field