QBench Release Notes April 30, 2020 - v2.10.0

What’s New:


  • Users are now able to upload Sample Attachments directly from the Order Logging page
  • Users can now view the “Date Approved” field on Order Requests
  • Users can now use the “Fill” button on mult-select additional fields in the Samples section
  • Changed the behavior of “Alt + Enter” keyboard shortcut to fill the column from the current row down instead of all rows
  • Admins can now configure the Order Requests page to prompt Customer Portal users to print Sample Labels upon submission


  • Users are now able to specify PDF attachments on Tests, Samples, and Assays to be automatically included in generated reports
  • Admins can now utilize a standard deviation filter in report configurations
  • Admins can now access Batch Platemaps in report configurations


  • Users are now able to utilize a “Sort By” filter parameter on various list pages


  • Admins can now utilize Invoice SNS notifications when an Invoice gets created, updated, deleted, and status changed

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Action dropdown menu is now touch-screen friendly on the Tests list page
  • Made the general search for Samples sort by better match
  • Added a “Delete” permission
  • Fixed issue with API endpoint for “/customers/contacts/add”
  • Administrators can now provide a custom SAML error message when a SAML user fails to login
  • Fixed Action menu on Tests list page being cut off if there are too many Custom Statuses
  • Fixed issue on Order list page where “Overdue” wasn’t displaying on overdue Orders
  • Various UI improvements