QBench Release Notes May 21, 2020 - v2.11.0

What’s New:

Orders & Customer Portal:

  • LIMS users can now create Public Facing Comments on Orders for the Customer Portal. These will be viewable by Portal users
  • Portal users can now view Public comments from LIMS users and make comments themselves in a thread-like fashion
  • Portal users are now able to view Order Invoices if setting is enabled
  • Portal users are now able to share their Order with different Customers
  • Orders can now have an assigned Contact based on its assigned Customer. Configurable via Additional Fields


  • Users can now filter Tests by Teams
  • Users are now able to set a personal configuration to group Tests by Sample or Order on the Test List page
  • Admins can now utilize Jinja2 in Test Protocol Step worksheets


  • Users can now filter Batches by Assays
  • Users can now update a Batch worksheet without having to remove it first
  • Admins can now utilize Jinja2 in Batch Protocol Step worksheets

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Optimized Order Logging page when there were too many Tests to load
  • “None” option is now auto-selected when generating reports
  • Automatic logouts due to timeout now redirects to the current page instead of the “/logout” URL
  • Made Customer’s “Special Instructions” tooltip more prominent on the Test List page
  • Added Code Folding to code editor on worksheets/report template configuration pages
  • Fixed Customer Portal field sort issue
  • Fixed issue on Order Logging page where the “fill” command on checkboxes did not assign values properly
  • User signatures now enforce the uploaded file to be an image