QBench Release Notes June 22, 2020 - v2.12.0

What’s New:


  • Users are now able to apply a Deviation to an Assay
  • Users are now able to apply a Deviation Record to a Test

Additional Fields:

  • Users can now change an Additional Field type from Number to Text
  • Users can now add an Additional Numeric Field to Field Sets


  • Users are now able to configure Sample-Level Worksheets
  • Administrators are now able to preview Worksheets with calculation data and fully rendered Jinja code while modifying their Worksheet QWML


  • Developers are now able to manage Payments via API
  • Developers are now able to apply a Payment to an Invoice via API
  • Developers are now able to manage Batch/Test Protocol Steps and their Worksheet Data via API
  • Developers are now able to view Report details via API
  • Developers can now filter Samples by Sample ID and Order ID via API


  • Users are now able to create a Payment directly from the Invoice Details page
  • Users are now able to see the Invoice outstanding amount when searching for Invoices on the Payment Detail page
  • Administrators can now enable the option to automatically mark an Invoice as “Paid” once its outstanding balance reaches $0.00


  • Administrators now have the option to automatically include page numbers on generated reports. These page numbers extend to user-uploaded PDFs on the report as well


  • Users are now able to see a tooltip of an Order or Customer “Special Instructions” on the Test Detail page (if applicable)
  • Users are now able to expose the Order’s “Special Instructions” field as a column on the Tests List page


  • Users are now able to update a Batch/Test Protocol Step Worksheet version
  • Users are now able to see a reference to the assigned Protocol and Protocol Step in the Protocol Tab of Batch/Test Detail pages

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Improved the UI for the Attachments table on each applicable page
  • Attachment notes are now editable after uploading the file
  • Users in mobile view can now utilize the General Search feature
  • Added assay_id attribute to Batch response in API
  • Added attachment_count attribute to Sample response in API
  • Worksheet selection now only includes Worksheets with a valid Version on the Batch Detail page
  • If there is only one active Invoice Template, it is automatically selected on automatic Invoice generation
  • Enabled table highlighting for the “Default Comments” and “Default Test Results” table for easier UI navigation
  • Emails stuck in the “QUEUED” status for more than 14 days are now marked as “FAILED”
  • Fixed issue where SSO users were getting a password expiration notification
  • Fixed issue where Test Worksheet history was not immediately captured
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Batch Worksheets that contain Jinja
  • Fixed Equipment Overdue Filter issue where it retrieved Equipment that was not overdue
  • Fixed issue in Additional Field dropdowns where it would insert a duplicate option
  • Fixed issue where some Customer Portal users weren’t able to view a published Order’s PrintDocs
  • Various UI/UX bug fixes and improvements