QBench Release Notes September 14, 2020 - v2.15.0

What’s New:


  • Users are now able to add Batch-level PDF attachments to Reports


  • Users are now able to import Inventory Items from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Admins are now able to un-consume Inventory Stock


  • Users can now configure Turnarounds for Panels


  • Users can now configure a Payment Term for a Customer. This Payment Term will automatically calculate their Invoice’s Due Date based off of the Invoice Date


  • Admins can now see Login Activity in the User Settings page


  • Developers can now see what fields have been modified in an SNS update notification
  • Developers can now see the Assay’s “worksheet_id” field in the Assay’s JSON response
  • Developers can now see Project information on Order and Sample JSON response
  • Developers can now update multiple Tests and Samples in a single API call

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Users are now indicated as LIMS or CP Users in the Activity Log
  • Added a button for “View Invoice” on the Customer Portal when viewing Invoices for Outstanding Balance
  • Added a 4-digit “Support PIN” for Admins to verify themselves when sending in support tickets if needed
  • When assigning Tests to an Order Request not received on the LIMS side, Samples that have not been received will not be automatically selected
  • Divisions are now displayed in alphabetical order
  • Added Custom ID Date Format YYMM
  • QMS Documents now auto-populate the filename
  • When sending out report emails, the “Group By” now remembers your last selected value
  • Improved the general search results page
  • Fixed UI issues on Batch Platemap tab
  • Fixed pagination selection not saving on Batch Tests/Samples tab
  • Fixed Due Date and Invoice Date not being localized on the Invoice History modal
  • Fixed “<” and “>” symbols not cleaning up properly when previewing worksheets using TinyMCE
  • Various UI/UX improvements!