QBench Early March Release Notes

What’s New:

Fields and Data Types

  • Users are now able to select multiple option items from the list configured in the Field and Data Type Settings


  • Users are now able assign Assays to different Divisions

Developers / API

  • Admins are now able to configure a “Custom Action” in the Developers Page for Batches, Invoices, Orders, Samples, and Test pages
  • Invoice POST endpoint to trigger Sync Invoice has been added
  • 'order_id' has been added as filter to Invoice GET endpoint

Email Template Configurations

  • Admins are now able to use Jinja for Email Subject on Order Published Emails and Order Report Published Emails
  • Admins are able to set Default Email Message for Published Orders, Samples, and Tests Reports and Order Published Emails


  • Users are now able to filter by Invoicing Notes on the Order List Page


  • Users are able to have a Sub-Sample Type that would mirror the original Sample as a read-only Sample so that it may be associated to a different Order


  • Users are able to attach Batch Printdocs when generating reports
  • PDF Reports are now compressed and flattened upon generation for emailing


  • When Tests are searched in the General Search Bar, the Test’s top 3 fields are now displayed.
  • In the Report Template Configurations, the top three fields for Test’s can now be searched
  • Tests can also be search for in the Global Filters

QoL/ Bug Fixes

  • Users are now able to bulk mark as “paid” from Invoice List Page
  • When adding a New Field in the Fields and Datatypes Settings, the cursor is automatically placed into the “Field Identifier”
  • 'Approved By' has been added to the Order Subscription Area. This will allow for easier trackability for Customer Contacts that requested a Subscription upgrade
  • Users are able to view top 3 Assay fields when selecting an Assay in dropdown on the Customer Portal
  • Order Requests will automatically save if additional information is entered into a field and the Order Request is submitted