QBench Mid April Release Notes

What’s New:

Notification Module

  • Users now receive an in-app notification when they are associated with an Order/Sample/Test Users can choose what data types they want notifications from in the User Settings.
  • Customer Portal users now receive an in-app notification when an Order has a new comment

General Search

  • The general search function has been modified to 'Preview' data types as you are searching by the ID’s  First, click on the magnifying glass and the search bar will appear as a dropdown.  
  • Next type in the ID that you are trying to find. As illustrated below, any type of data that matches with the input will appear as previewed.  
  • If you would like to see more results, click on the “View More Results” to view all results and all data types that match the search criteria. 


  • Users are now able to print Equipment Labels 
  • Users are now able to set Equipment Schedule Frequency for any amount of days, months, and years


  • Users are now able to update the Worksheet Version of a Log Entry

Inventory Stock

  • The “Notes” field on a Inventory Stock has been changed to a Text Area rather than a Text Field

QoL/Bug Fixes

  • API: Sample GET now provides the Project ID in the payload
  • API: A proper error response is now sent when attempting to create a Test with a deleted Sample ID
  • Sample helper function for get_sorted_tests() has been fixed to return Tests based off of the Assay’s sort order
  • Error has been fixed when attempting to generate a PrintDoc for a Sample that does not exist
  • Dashboard error has been fixed for Labstats
  • Contact Additional Object Relationship for Fields and Data Type has been fixed to show only information that is filled out
  • UI Issues has been resolved for Samples and Subsamples in the Order Logging Page
  • Batches has been fixed so that Tests can be added when the Batch Date Field is filled  
  • The Additional Text Box field for Invoices has been fixed so that it can save values correctly
  • The Due Date banner for Orders has been fixed to only show when the Order is actually overdue