QBench Late August Release Notes

What’s New:

Internal Reporting

  • Users are now able to Print out fully customizable Internal Reports about Orders, Samples, and Assays.

Customer Portal

  • Customer Portal users are now able to create a custom view of the list pages

Configure View

  • Users can now display the Attachments from the configuration view of the Orders List Page, Sample List Page ,and Test List Page.


  • Admin Users are now able to assign Divisions to Equipment.


  • Additional search options have been added to the “Sort” function in the Filter Module.
  • Users are now able to filter by Sub-Samples in the Test List Page.


  • Users are now able to update and create Logs via API.


  • Developers can now reference the current user within a Worksheet using the “current_user” context variable

SNS Notifications

  • Users will now be able receive an SNS notification when a Print Doc is generated.


  • Multiple Batches and Tests can be selected and added to the current Batch.
  • Users are now able to add a Linked Sample’s Parent to a Batch directly from the Linked Sample’s detail page

QOL/Bug Fixes

  • Batch Protocol’s have been fixed so that added Test’s with the same ID as the Batch can be deleted.
  • “Invoiced Items” have been fixed so that invoices can continue to be created when assigned Panels to a Sample are deleted.
  • Search function for Worksheet Type - Log Entry in the Configurations Page has been fixed.
  • “Email Suggestions” for publishing reports has been fixed to load Customer Portal Users emails.
  • Deleted Users have been fixed to not appear in the Global Filter.
  • Order Statuses have been fixed so that Histories capture any status changes.
  • Formulation Items have been fixed so that decimals can be used.
  • Overridden Reports have been fixed to display in the Customer Portal when enabled.
  • Timezone conversion has been fixed in “Filters” to display the correct queried results.
  • “Overdue” Tag for Tests have been fixed to only appear when Tests are overdue