QBench Late December Release Notes

What’s New:


Customer Portal

  • Admins are now able to mark the “Additional Contacts” Field as a required field.
  • Developers can now use the API to optionally send an email when publishing reports

Samples Landing Page

  • Users are now able to modify the view to see associated Batches to a Sample in the Sample Landing Page.
  • Users are now able to modify the view to show/hide Customers on the Sample Landing Page.

Order Logging

  • Users are now able to add assays to all Samples within an Order when using pagination on the Order Logging page

Quotation Emails

  • Users are now able to add Subject Line to Quotation Email.

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • The total count is now visible for applicable analytics graphs
  • Calculation of Test Estimated Complete Dates have been fixed to account for holidays
  • Worksheet “fill” shortcut has been fixed for Protocol Step Worksheets.
  • The “Entered By” Field has been fixed to populate when an Order is created via API.