QBench Early April Release Notes

What’s New:


  • Administrators are now able to see the cause of error when Reports fail to generate due to a defect in the template code.

Test List Page

  • Users are now able to set a Default Sorting Order in the Test List Page.
  • Users are now able to filter by “Samples Batched” in the Test List Page.


  • Users are now able to set “Yes” and “No” defaults for the fields “CAPA Required” and “Cause Required.”
  • CAPA and Root Cause Required are now updated whenever the Issue Category is changed


  • Administrators are now able to retrieve the “forgot password” link for Portal Users in the Customer Contact page.

Customer Portal

  • Portal Users are now able to use the “Alt + Enter” fill down option for the Label Count Field.

Instrument Upload

  • Users are now able to select “Assay” as an option in the Instrument Upload Module.


  • Equipment that are “Retired” will no longer be flagged as “Due” on the Equipment List Page.


  • When modifying multiple items at once, admins can optionally have a single SNS message triggered that includes all items that were modified.

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • Pagination has been added to the Locks Modal.
  • Customer Portal Setting “Automatically publish an Order based on the Order Status” has been fixed when changing Order Status from the Test List page
  • Jinja services has been fixed to render Sample Level Worksheets when {{tests}} is used.
  • Required Training Item has been fixed to be required (if configured) when a user is added.
  • Bulk creation/update has been fixed for the Rich Text Field when it is marked as required.
  • “Show on order receiving” button has been fixed, so that it does not appear when a new Rich Text Field is created for Sample/Test data types.
  • Inventory Stock for “Date” used on Samples has been fixed.
  • Sample Count Column for using Inventory Stock has been removed from the modal.
  • Total Count for the Filter on the Test List Page has been fixed.
  • Javascript has been fixed for Sample Level Worksheets, so that it will not display.
  • Assay permissions have been fixed, so that Users without Assay View will not be able to see Assay Attachments.
  • “Date Completed” on the Test has been fixed, so that excel sheet updates will override current timestamp.
  • Quotation has been fixed for Assays and Panels