QBench Mid July Release Notes

What's New

New Configuration only Reporting Engine

  • This new “no code” engine will allow Admin users to easily design report templates through an in-app designer tool. When creating a new report template please select Visual Editor from the new editor type drop down. Learn more

New Configuration only Automation Engine

  • This new “no code” engine will allow Admin users to create and set automation rules for Batches, Orders, Samples, Tests, and Sources through an in-app designer tool. This is found under Configuration > Application > Automations. Learn More


  • Users now have the ability to use the CTRL+S shortcut key to save on any worksheet page.


  • Users with the correct permissions can now delete QMS Logs.


  • Users can now filter Inventory Stock by various criteria within the Stock tab of the Inventory Item page.

Location History

  • Users can now see the Location history of Sub-Locations
  • Users can now see when a Sub-Location has been moved when viewing Sample Location History.

QoL / Bugfixes

  • The Assay selection field in the Customer Portal will now show up to the top three fields configured in the Customer Portal Field configuration area instead of the LIMS Field configuration area.
  • Panel/Assay pricing in the V2 Customer Portal will now always show the Panel/Assay price instead of reverting to the Assay Base price.
  • PDF-Locking will have the option to also prevent exporting the PDF document to Word.
  • Users are to include Samples when selecting a Project from the Batch Detail Page.
  • A new Download option has been added to the Developers Configuration Settings area to download the new “Desktop Application” tool. This tool is used in specific integrations only.
  • Formulas will now save as expected for merged cell fields in a spreadsheet worksheet.
  • Invoice Panel line items will no longer get split up when syncing if the “Group by Panel” option is enabled
  • The Log Entry Worksheet has been fixed to save correctly.
  • Sync Frequency in the Quickbooks Web Connector now works as expected.
  • “Timestamp” for generated Order Request PrintDoc will now convert to local time.
  • Exported Excel values for checkboxes now works as expected.
  • Batch Plate Map History now captures entries when modified.
  • Log Entries can now be viewed even if the Log Type does not have an active Worksheet Version.