QBench Mid August Release Notes

What’s New:

Canny Feature Requests

  • Added the ability to assign Global Filters to all users with a click of a button
  • LIMS Users will now be able to drag and drop attachments from their computer into QBench anywhere we allow attachments to be added.

Spreadsheet Worksheet

  • Added the ability to Import/Export Spreadsheets Worksheets as JSON Files to move them from one environment to another (e.g. sandbox to production)
  • Added the ability to use Jinja code snippets in Spreadsheet Worksheet named cells
  • Added the ability to export Spreadsheet Worksheets to a CSV file on the Batch Details Page, Test Details Page, and Log Entry Details Page
  • Added the ability to use Conditional Formatting (e.g. cell coloring based on value) for a cell in Spreadsheet Worksheets
  • Added the ability to have drop down option value for a cell in Spreadsheet Worksheets
  • Added more support for Batch worksheets in Spreadsheet Worksheets


  • Added the ability to specify a VLOOKUP as part of an automation
  • Added the ability to build an automation so that a Batch Spreadsheet Worksheet can copy values to each of its respective Tests

Reports & PrintDocs

  • Added a new option for report creation to allow the ability to import a Word document containing Jinja code and merge fields as a Report and PrintDoc template.  This will allow our customers the capabilities of Word formatting for report building

Object Deletion

  • Added the ability to require a reason for deleting items wherever there is a history tab available to post the reason to (e.g. test)
  • Users can now view deleted items using a filter on their respective list pages
  • Users will be able to restore deleted items using a new restore option on the details page

Internal Reports

  • Added the ability to enable auto-refresh on Internal Reports.  This enables the ability to have a report continually run and refresh data each minute.  (e.g. dashboard report)

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • Helper Text for Hotkeys will be added to all pages that use Worksheets
  • Spreadsheet Worksheet will be enhanced with dropdown and convenience functions
  • Customer ID will be added to Report Generated SNS messages
  • Users will be able to view Panel Pricing based on the Base Price
  • Spreadsheet Worksheets will be optimized to load faster
  • Logic for determining if a Sample is complete/incomplete will be improved
  • Default history limit cap increased to 1200
  • Global Filter Groups will be fixed to display properly in the navbar menu
  • Horizontal scroll on the Batch page will be fixed for Child Batches that have too many characters
  • Column misalignment issue on the Test List page will be fixed
  • Error messages for deleting comments, attachments, and users will be fixed
  • Equipment Record will be fixed, so that new records can be created
  • Payments “last_updated” timestamp will be properly updated