QBench Late October Release Notes

What’s New:

Spreadsheet Worksheet

  • Users will be able to set “Date” and “Datetime” values as new cell types in spreadsheet worksheets.
  • Users can now preview Worksheet Spreadsheets as PDFs.


  • Admins now have the ability to use the automation engine to generate Reports and PrintDocs
  • Admins can now choose to clear a field’s value using an Automation.
  • Admins can now update Invoice line items based on criteria using an Automation.
  • Date of Automation Event will be added as an option to the automation resolution


  • Admins can now preview a spreadsheet with test data in the design tab of the spreadsheet worksheets to review how calculated cell values will resolve.


  • Admins can now create an API Client that has read-only access to the API endpoints. API clients can only use GET requests when using the created API client key.


  • Admins can now set standard permissions for Report/Labels/Internal Reports/PrintDoc Templates
  • Admins can now set delete permissions for Logs
  • Admins can now set standard permissions for Inventory Stock
  • Admins can now set standard permissions for Comments
  • Admins can now set standard permissions for worksheet configurations
  • Admins can now set standard permissions for Equipment Records.


  • Developers will now be able to retrieve a Key Value Store by name

Customer Portal

  • Required Multi-factor authentication for Customer Portal has been added


  • We have added the ability to expose a public link to attachments that can be shared appropriately. (e.g. a final document needing to be communicated to a non-Qbench Customer or Contact)

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • SNS notifications have been enhanced to include the Batch ID when a Batch Protocol Step Worksheet is updated
  • Pagination for Test and Batch Usage on the Equipment Detail Page has been added
  • “Email To” core field on the Sample Level has been enhanced to validate email entries for errors
  • Jinjia is now supported in the “When” criteria field for Automations
  • Number of Tests that can be added to a Batch from the Test Landing Page has been increased to 1000
  • The “New Comment” Email Template has been fixed to include the correct subject line and email body
  • Control data points in the Batch Detail Page has been fixed
  • Fixed a console error for Batch Level Automation
  • Fixed latency issue for Orders created by automation/API
  • Fixed Inventory Stock issue to display as expected in the Batch Details Page
  • Fixed Inventory Items to display the correct number of formulations as expected
  • Fixed the Lock notification to appear in the Menu as expected
  • Fixed a 500 error on /tests endpoint
  • Fixed a Quickbooks Online Panel Line Item sync