QBench Mid December Release Notes

What’s New:

Spreadsheet Worksheets

  • Users can now reference KVStore values within a Spreadsheet Worksheet. New function to use is “GET_KVSTORE_VALUE(, )” e.g. “=GET_KVSTORE_VALUE(1234, A1)”


  • Instructions for setting up MFA as a Customer Portal user has been improved

Order Details

  • Hyperlinks have been added to Sources, Projects, and Locations on the Order Logging Page

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • Enhanced File Parser so that it can more efficiently process large amounts of data
  • Order Export file format has been updated to be more consistent with the Test Export file format
  • Fixed an issue with saving named cells in Spreadsheet Worksheets
  • Fixed an issue with configs not updating when switching between Spreadsheet Worksheet versions
  • Fixed display issues with History
  • Fixed issues that was causing a duplicate unique ID constraint error
  • Fixed issues with dropdown fields in the Sub Samples table