QBench Mid February 2023 Release Notes

What’s New:

Canny Features (You Asked, We Delivered!)

  • Admins can now configure Divisions for Inventory Items and Stock
  • Admins can now toggle Divisions on/off for Batches


  • Automation execution time has been optimized
  • Admins can now view the run results of Automations
  • Admins can now specify a “Reason Required” text so Automations can modify values that require a reason when updating


  • LIMS Users can now be automatically assigned as a follower to an Order after they submit a public comment
  • LIMS Users will now see the selected Customer’s last Order submission date when they are creating a new Order

Spreadsheet Worksheets

  • Users can now reference other cells when using conditional formatting

File Parser

  • Admins will be able to configure a new Finder type “By Sample/Test in Batch”. Click to learn more

Resource Groups

  • Admins can now add Equipment to Resource Groups


  • Admins can now configure Custom IDs for Quotations

Bug Fixes / QoL

  • The Create Order API endpoint has been optimized
  • Added an input validation for the “Auto-populate estimated start date days from received date” input in the General Settings page
  • Fixed a Division dropdown UI issue when window height is too small
  • Fixed a Panel Priorities display issue
  • Fixed rendering issues with QWML Worksheets