QBench Mid March 2023 Release Notes

What’s New:

Canny Features (You asked, we delivered!)

  • Users can now utilize CRUD API endpoints for Inventory Items and Stock
  • Users can now see their saved View when loading Filters on the dashboard
  • Linked Samples can now be viewed from the Sample Detail Page 


  • Users can now create charts from Worksheet data 
  • Users can now insert charts in Reports, PrintDocs, and other PDF templates

File Parser

  • Admins can now setup FileParsers to parse an XLSX file with multiple sheets


  • Admins can now setup permissions for Equipment Reservations
  • Users can now reserve Equipment for other users if they have the proper permissions
  • Users can now access Equipment Reservations through the top navigation bar under QMS

Customer Portal

  • Admins can now enable or disable comments on Orders
  • Admins can now configure generated reports to use the template name rather than the generated file name

Bug Fixes / QoL 

  • Quotations now have the “Email To” field automatically populated if there are Contacts configured for billing on the selected Customer
  • Verbiage for Overridden Report in the Customer Portal has been changed
  • Fixed Visual Editor inserting extra for-loops when applying styling on a for-loop object
  • Fixed Border Color for exported SpreadSheet Worksheet    
  • Fixed Report Range for Spreadsheet Worksheets 
  • Fixed Default Email message for email templates
  • Fixed File Parser Finder issue when there are clashing lookup keys
  • Fixed File Parser Finder issue when it gets triggered with no Worksheet Data
  • Fixed user role permissions with Worksheet Config write access
  • Fixed Automation issue for multi-order Invoices
  • Fixed unresponsive bug for creation of New Inventory Categories  
  • Fixed html code incorrectly appearing in the search results 
  • Fixed SAML Login issue for Customer Portal Users
  • Fixed loading issues when viewing the Activity Log