QBench April 23, 2023 Release Notes

Another release, another batch of new functionality! We’re making significant progress on an updated Customer Portal (affectionately named the CPV2 or Customer Portal V2). Talk to your friendly neighborhood Customer Success rep if you’d like to learn more about upgrading to the CPV2.

Do you have ideas for new features? We’d love to hear them. Use the "Submit Feedback" link in your user dropdown menu to submit your ideas and vote on feature requests. The requests with the most votes get considered in our roadmap planning.

What’s New:

Customer Portal

  • When importing contacts, you can now set them to be portal users, set them to receive a portal invite upon import, and specify if they should receive invoice emails.
  • Pricing setup and display has been improved in the Customer Portal V2.
  • CSV bulk import is now much easier in the Customer Portal V2.
  • Improved panel base price display in the Customer Portal V2.
  • Improved display of assay and sample metadata in the Customer Portal V2.
  • Improved Test Date & Time handling in the Customer Portal V2.
  • The Customer Portal V2 dashboard now shows the most recent 20 tests.

File Parsers

  • You can now upload any kind of character-encoded file (e.g. UTF-16LE or ISO-8859-1) for No-Code File Parsers.

Spreadsheet Worksheets

  • You can now filter by Worksheet Type on Worksheet List Page.
  • Sample Level Spreadsheet worksheets now return the `TEST` entity as a context for `sample` context instead of `SAMPLE` entity during PREVIEW.


  • You can now select All Tests when Previewing Reports.


  • You can now convert a Quote to an Order after accepting it.

Inventory Management

  • You can now set up email alerts when the Stock Quantity for an Inventory item falls below a certain level.
  • We’ve optimized the performance of Inventory stock quantity calculations to speed up this part of the app.

Bug Fixes / Quality of Life Enhancements

  • You can now see a banner showing which division the batch will be created in on the Tests landing page when creating a batch.
  • When entering samples in the Customer Portal V2, Date/Time fields now default to the current time instead of 12 AM.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t modify Samples from the Test List Page.
  • The Inventory Filter count mismatch has been fixed.
  • A bug with Automations not getting the right worksheet_data when using Sample-level worksheets has been fixed. 
  • A bug with Automations not being able to update Worksheets with a Reason Required has been fixed.