QBench May 14, 2023 Release Notes

Get ready to unleash a chain reaction of productivity! Introducing the latest QBench release, packed with enhancements that will leave inefficiencies quaking in their test tubes.

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What’s New:

Canny Features (You asked, we delivered!)

  • You can now configure quantity and volume discounts for Invoices.
  • You can now specify a custom Turnaround surcharge for Panels.
  • You can now specify customer-specific Turnaround surcharges.
  • See more specifics in the Orders and Billing section below.

Customer Portal

  • You can now send a Quote for acceptance, view the Quote, and create an Order from a Quote in the Customer Portal V2.

File Parsers

  • You can now trigger No-Code File Parsers without needing to upload from a Test or Batch. This allows you to upload a csv file with batch IDs to update each corresponding batch.
  • You can now update multiple tests with the No-Code File Parsers.

Spreadsheet Worksheets

  • Spreadsheet Worksheets will now warn users if they are attempting to overwrite worksheet data that another user is simultaneously editing.


  • Admin users can now duplicate Report Templates.

Orders and Billing

  • You can now create special rush pricing for a Test Panel based on the Turnaround Time.
  • You can now create Customer-specific rush turnaround pricing.
  • You can now configure quantity discounts that automatically get added as Invoice Line Items. For example, you can configure a 10% discount once an Order has 5 or more of the same Assay. An Order with 6 of these Assays will have the discount, but an Order with 3 of these Assays will not. The types of configurable quantity discounts include:
    ◦ Assay
    ◦ Panel-Assay (overrides the Assay discount)
    ◦ Customer-Assay (overrides the Assay and Panel-Assay discount)
    ◦ Customer-Panel (overrides the Panel discount)

Bug Fixes / Quality of Life Enhancements

  • Admins can now set User role permissions for custom action buttons.
  • Fixed Customer not associated with Quotation after acceptance.
  • Fixed how uploading a test attachment on the sample and test list page uploads the attachment twice.
  • Fixed the dashboard column headers not using workflow display names.
  • Fixed how when setting a Turnaround Time surcharge to 0 the value was blank when you re-open the config.
  • Fixed Panel Turnaround surcharges so they apply to specific panels on an order when there are multiple of the same panel on the order.
  • Fixed invoices not syncing correctly when turnarounds are involved.

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