QBench Named a High Performer in Multiple G2 Summer 2023 LIMS Category Reports

QBench Named High Performer in the LIMS Category

G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, named QBench a High Performer in the LIMS Category and in the LIMS for Small-Business Category. QBench earned the award by receiving positive reviews from verified customers.

“Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, and authentic reviews.”

QBench is currently sitting at #1 on G2’s Top LIMS Software for Small Business (by a sizable margin too)!

We’re thrilled to lead the pack in this category, but we serve businesses of all sizes – including multiple customers with over 100 users on our platform. QBench's capabilities extend seamlessly to accommodate large enterprises, as proven by our Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 customers. Interestingly, we've discovered that many labs within larger companies operate very similarly and have the same staff size as the small and mid-market businesses we serve. QBench's unique configurability, flexibility, and feature depth give us the unique ability to cater to a wide spectrum of organizational sizes and needs.

How QBench Stands Out

In addition to being awarded the High Performer badge, the High Performer Small Business badge, and the Users Love Us badge, here’s how QBench stands out from other 182 other products in the LIMS Category on G2:

Themes from QBench Reviews

Three main themes have emerged from synthesizing the feedback in our reviews:

  1. QBench is easy to use
  2. QBench is highly flexible, configurable, and customizable to each lab's needs
  3. We provide excellent support and our team is great to work with

Logan Highlighted Our User Friendliness, Customizability, and Great Team

Full review here

Tony Highlighted Our User Friendliness, Customizability, and Fantastic Team

Full review here

Nick Highlighted Our Customizability and Outstanding Support

Full review here

Zachary Highlighted Our Modern Design, Flexibility, and Robust API

Full review here

We’re Making QBench Better Based on Customer Input

We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and the evolving challenges faced by scientists, laboratory staff, and quality control professionals. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity not only to celebrate the satisfaction of our customers, but to learn from their suggestions for improvement. In multiple cases, we have already reached out to reviewers about a product gap mentioned in their review that we have since filled.

Compare QBench to well-known LIMS and see how we get higher ratings on most dimensions.

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Read Real Reviews of QBench from Verified Customers

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QBench: Better Than 7 Other LIMS

QBench is easy to use and understand, allowing laboratory management to configure almost everything with minimal support needed. It is highly configurable while not overwhelming.

Implementation is much faster than other systems due to the ease of use and configuration. Plus, QBench is constantly enhancing the product with new features and providing easily accessible help tools.

Lab Supervisor
EO Science Lab

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