QBench October 30, 2023 Product Release Notes

Do you like samples of your samples and keyboard shortcuts that help you work faster? Then you’re in for a treat. The upcoming QBench release contains improvements to sub-samples to help you streamline workflows and do more with QBench. Of course, it also contains multiple items our customers asked for directly and a number of “quality of life” enhancements.

Are you a QBench customer with ideas for new features? We’d love to hear them. Use the "Submit Feedback" link in your user dropdown menu to submit your ideas and vote on feature requests. The requests with the most votes get considered in our roadmap planning.

What’s New:

Canny Features (You asked, we delivered!)

  • Users in Customer Portal V2 now have the option to set up MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).
  • Admins can now enforce unavailable Equipment to be unavailable.


  • Inventory Items were added to our new search page.
  • Inventory Items now have history tracking.


  • Admins can now enforce unavailable Equipment to be unusable.

Customer Portal

  • Users in Customer Portal V2 now have the option to set up MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

Training Center

  • A new link to the training center, which contains numerous video walkthroughs on how to use QBench and exercise documents to practice (with links to the relevant QBench knowledge base articles as well!) has been added to the user menu.
  • Please be aware that the new Training Center is still in beta – we will continue to build it out in the coming months.


We recently added pagination to the Sub-Samples page to improve the page speed.  To help users find the most recently added sub-samples, we have modified the behavior below.

  • The Add Sub-Samples action was moved to the top of the table instead of the bottom on the Sample Detail Page.
  • A fill-up keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + Enter) was added to the Sub-Samples table (in addition to the existing fill-down keyboard shortcut of Alt + Enter).

Bug Fixes / Quality of Life Enhancements

  • We fixed an issue with Equipment level filters where the due date was including inactive schedules.
  • We fixed an issue with Sample-level filters where filtering by an additional date field was not retrieving the correct results.
  • We fixed an issue with Order level filters where filtering by parent status was not consistent.
  • We fixed an issue in the Customer Portal V2 where Samples were not loaded correctly after importing via Excel template.
  • We fixed an issue with QMS Log Entries where QWML Worksheets were not saved properly.
  • We fixed an issue where you could not delete a QMS Log.
  • We fixed an issue with Batch Spreadsheet Worksheets cutting off trailing zeros.
  • We fixed an issue with custom IDs where the count was not resetting due to a time zone issue.

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