Google SSO

Integrate Google SSO With QBench Cloud-Based LIMS


Streamline your login process with QBench's Google SSO integration, offering secure and convenient one-click access to your laboratory management system.

Google SSO

About Google SSO LIMS Integration

Google Single sign-on (SSO) lets users sign in to the QBench cloud applications using their managed Google account credentials.


  • Users need to remember and manage fewer passwords and usernames for each application.
  • The process of signing on and using applications is streamlined -- no need to reenter passwords.
  • The chances of phishing are lessened.
  • You enable a better experience for users because they can use their existing credentials to authenticate and don't have to enter credentials as often.
  • You ensure that your existing IdP remains the system of record for authenticating users.
  • You don't have to synchronize passwords to Cloud Identity or Google Workspace.

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