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About QuickBooks Desktop LIMS Integration

QBench offers the QuickBooks Desktop Connector application (“QDC”). Customers can use QDC to unidirectionally sync their Customer, Assay, Invoice, and Payment data from QBench to their QuickBooks Desktop file. QDC can be configured to sync on command or automatically. Customers looking to set up an automatic sync can customize their syncing interval, and can set QDC to sync as frequently as every 10 minutes.

Just select a date and time you want to start syncing from. After the initial sync, QDC will sync changes to supported fields made after the last recorded sync.

How it Works

The QBench Quickbooks Web Connector runs in the Quickbooks Web Connector, and runs periodically to sync data from QBench to QBD. The following data syncs over from QBench:

Data That Syncs Over

  • Invoice Date
  • Customer
  • Due Date
  • Line items, descriptions and prices, and linked assays (does not sync assays grouped into a single panel line item).
  • Assay title
  • Customer
  • Payment Type
  • Amount
  • Date
  • Check #
  • Name
  • Address (can be optionally disabled per customer)
  • Invoicing Notes

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