Common Benefits of Adopting QBench

What are some of the major benefits of adopting QBench in your lab? When looking for a LIMS systems requirements vary but what are some common themes? We want to put together a quick post about some of the obvious benefits of adopting QBench.

The Most Important? Peace of Mind!

Your data is highly valuable and you've likely got a lot to do when operating a laboratory. In addition to laboratory operations data management, data backups, ensuring your systems are up, all of these tasks are not only time consuming but also result in a lot of stress when things go wrong. The benefit of managing your data in QBench is that you can rest assured that your data is backed up every night and that it's replicated in multiple physical locations.

More Time for Science

The task of wrangling data from disparate systems (not to mention maintaining those systems) for analysis, reporting, etc. is very time consuming. QBench helps keep your data in centralized system so you can compile and easily find your data in one system. QBench helps you improve sample tracking, eliminate paper-based processes, speed up turnaround times (TAT), and improves data integrity.

1. What are the benefits of sample tracking and using barcodes?

QBench electronically stores critical information about a sample, such as the sample source, date, time, location of collection, and sample processing data. This eliminates the need for manual entry at nearly every step and helps track samples efficiently. Barcodes play a crucial role in sample tracking as they enable efficient and accurate data entry. By using barcodes, the critical information about a sample can be easily scanned and recorded, reducing the chances of manual errors and streamlining the tracking process.

2. How does a LIMS assist in going completely paperless?

A LIMS helps laboratories go completely paperless by automating laboratory processes. With a LIMS, there is no need for physical paperwork, as all critical sample information and processing data can be entered and stored electronically, eliminating the need for paper-based records. Eliminating paper and having more data searchable also speeds up finding information, makes compliance audits easier, and makes compliance audits much faster.

3. How does a LIMS speed up turnaround times?

A LIMS achieves faster turnaround times by completely removing manual processes. This automation allows for quicker sample processing, data entry, and analysis, resulting in reduced turnaround times for laboratory operations.

4. How does a LIMS help with data integrity?

By automating laboratory processes, a LIMS reduces the chances of human error that can occur during manual processes. This ensures data integrity and minimizes the risk of mistakes or inconsistencies in the data. Tracking quality control data also allows you to get automatically notified when quality drifts outside of acceptable ranges.


Generating reports manually is incredibly frustrating and is a waste of time for scientists who'd rather be focused on the technical problems and not the tedious copy and paste work that comes with manual work flows. QBench's automated reporting makes for beautiful reports for your customers that can be generated in a few clicks.


Finding your data is easy using powerful searching and filtering functionality. For example if you're searching for tests that were completed for a given client during last October you can pull up that list in a few seconds.

Automated Emails

Don't let things slip between the cracks with the email reminder/alert functionality built into QBench. Easily configure saved searches and emails alerts for important tasks in the laboratory, including test due dates, daily work lists, instrument calibration reminders, etc. The configuration is very flexible and supports many laboratory management scenarios.

Easy to Train

Bringing new laboratory staff online can be a slow and expensive process. QBench can help cut down some of that cost because it's a single, well-documented system that's easy to learn. QBench is intuitive and teaching new laboratory staff is a breeze. Furthermore our support team is available to assist with any questions and can be reached at

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