QBench Early November Release Notes

What’s New

Spreadsheet Worksheets

  • Spreadsheet Worksheets now support numerical font sizes
  • Spreadsheet Worksheets now support expanded font options
  • Spreadsheet Worksheets can now be imported without needing to create a new draft
  • Spreadsheet Worksheets now support border styling


  • Users can now modify Test statuses within a Field Set
  • Users can now reassign Assays on multiple Tests at once


  • Equipment Schedules and records will continue to appear on Equipment when the Schedule is deactivated


  • Users can now show a column on the Sample List Page to display Linked Sample information


  • Users can now use the quick search feature to find customers by name


  • Developers can now retrieve Spreadsheet Worksheet data in templates


  • Object history tab now includes a preview of changes

QoL/Bug Fixes

  • PDF generation (e.g. Reports, PrintDocs) has been optimized for faster processing
  • Visual editor now properly displays line breaks on text field types
  • Added an endpoint for QBJS to retrieve customers by filter parameters
  • Template versions now automatically load the latest APPROVED version
  • The outstanding balance of an Invoice is now displayed on the Invoice list view and Invoice detail pages
  • Titles in QMS Documents now trim whitespace when saving as expected
  • Global filter names are now required to be unique
  • Fixed an issue when navigating to Inventory Stock from the quick search if the Stock was not on the first page
  • Fixed an issue with the “last_updated” timestamp when deleting an Assay from a Customer discount
  • Fixed an issue when viewing Equipment Records if its Worksheet had no active version
  • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Online Integration not syncing Panel line items
  • Fixed an issue with automations not triggering when the Order status changed
  • Fixed an issue with Stock usage modal not loading as expected for some users
  • Fixed an issue with rendering a Worksheet for a Test after changing the default worksheet on an Assay from QWML to Spreadsheet type
  • Fixed issue with some Reports not generating via API as expected
  • Fixed the Control standard deviation value to only show up to 2 decimals
  • Fixed an issue where exporting all Samples to Excel was giving an error message