QBench Early April 2023 Release Notes

What’s New:

Canny Features (You asked, we delivered!)

  • We have added an integration to use Dropbox Sign (https://www.dropbox.com/hellosign) for our Print Docs templates from the Order Detail Page.  A Dropbox Sign account is also required for this functionality.  Please speak with your Customer Success Manager for any questions!

Spreadsheet Worksheets

  • You can now use an XLOOKUP function in spreadsheet worksheets (Knowledge Base Help Article).
  • You can now use a TEXTJOIN function in spreadsheet worksheets (Knowledge Base Help Article).
  • You now have a configuration menu on the worksheet to turn off / on row numbers for a CSV export.


  • More Chart customization options: Sizing and Location of Legend/Key, Axis Title Location, Font, Font Size, Font Color, and Background color.
  • More data type options for Charts: Test - All Fields (Includes Worksheets), Batch - Worksheet Only, Batch - All Fields, Sample - All Fields (Includes Worksheets) (by test), Order - All Fields (Includes Worksheets) (by test).

Inventory Management

  • Quantity Available can now be seen on the Inventory list page view config.

Automations Engine

  • Users can now set up an Automation that sets a Worksheet field using Jinja  (e.g. {{test.state}}).  This allows for a default value to be inserted into a non-read-only field on Spreadsheet worksheets. 

File Parsers

  • You can now specify an Assay in the No-Code File Parser config. This ensures that only the matching Assay triggers a file upload.
  • You can now specify an Inclusion Criteria to conditionally retrieve row data within a spreadsheet file.


  • You can now import their Customer and Contact lists via spreadsheet uploads.

Bug Fixes / Quality of Life Enhancements

  • Automations optimizations.
  • Fixed comment notification email not accounting for custom IDs.
  • Fixed Custom Sample ID increment Bug.
  • Fixed text that says to view history on entities that have no history tracked.
  • Fixed issue where updating a spreadsheet worksheet via the API converts datetime/date cell values to numeric values.
  • Fixed display of  Filter Menu on the Test List Page when sorting preference is ascending.
  • Fixed Quickbooks Desktop Connector sync when  Invoice Line Items have a price of $0.
  • Fixed a “Create Invoice Line Items” Automation bug with Multi Invoice Orders.
  • Fixed a Rich Text field being influenced on the Global search (exact-match).
  • Fixed an issue where Users cannot make Equipment Reservations for themselves on the Reservations Calendar.
  • Fixed an inability to export more than 186 Equipment to Excel.
  • Fixed an inability to modify Quotation Custom IDs.
  • Fixed Charts not filtering by data types on the Assay > Charts tab.