QBench Release Notes July 23, 2020 - v2.13.0

What’s New:

Turnaround Times:

  • Admins can now configure a Turnaround Time to be associated with an Assay or Test
  • When a User specifies a Turnaround Time on a Test, it will automatically determine the Estimated Complete Date of that Test
  • Admins can configure custom pricing for Tests with a specific Turnaround Time
  • Users can now filter Tests by Turnaround Time


  • Developers can now receive an SNS message upon Report generation and Emailing/Publishing Reports
  • Developers can now update Sample-Level Worksheet data via API
  • Developers can now see a Batch’s associated child Batches via the “batch_ids” key in the Batch JSON response
  • Developers can now send a Customer Portal Invite email to Contacts via API


  • Users can now configure Assays in a Panel to be the same Priority
  • Users can now mark Assays as inactive. Inactive Assays will not appear in dropdowns

Customer Portal:

  • Admins can now configure the Customer Portal Order page to hide Sub-Samples
  • Admins can now configure the Customer Portal Order page to hide Tests in the Cancelled status


  • Users can now tie a Test Filter with a View. When loading the Filter, it will automatically switch to the selected View when it was saved.
  • Users can now filter Orders by Project on the Order List page


  • Users are now able to see a Sample or Test’s associated Batches on the Test List page

QoL / Bug Fixes

  • Sample ID and Test ID are now fixed when horizontally scrolling on the Order Logging page
  • IP Addresses are now captured in the Activity Log
  • A Payments tab is now on the Customer Detail page if Billing is enabled
  • Log Entry Worksheets now support Jinja2 syntax
  • Uploaded .PDF file attachments are now automatically opened in a new tab when downloaded (browser support may vary)
  • Increased the minimum width of input fields on the Order Logging page
  • Optimized the Tags input fields for faster page loads
  • Fixed the “Edit” icon on the Attachments table for touch-screen devices
  • Columns on the Order List page of the Customer Portal are now sorted to take into account Letters & Numbers
  • Various other fixes and improvements!