Discover actionable tips to make the most of your LIMS investment and propel your lab towards operational excellence.

What Your Lab Should Integrate With a LIMS

Level up your LIMS by integrating instruments and software to automate your lab. Here is a guide to what you can integrate with a LIMS.


November 22, 2023

6 Ways A LIMS Can Make Your Lab More Efficient

Streamline lab operations with a LIMS. Learn the top 6 benefits, including automation and compliance, and how QBench can help.


November 15, 2023

Why Labs Should Choose a LIMS Over Spreadsheets to Manage Data

Struggling to manage data at scale in your lab? It’s time to move beyond Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets and choose a LIMS. A LIMS offers many benefits to a lab that we will explore in this article.


October 16, 2023

Should You Build Or Buy A LIMS For Your Laboratory?

As your lab expands, you will need a LIMS to support it. This begs the question, should you build or buy a LIMS? We will explore the pros and cons of each side in this article.


October 11, 2023

LIMS vs. ELN vs. ERP: How to Choose the Right Software for Your Lab

Labs looking to digitize and streamline their processes have no shortage of options. This article will show how a LIMS, ELN, and ERP differ and which is the best choice for your lab.


September 29, 2023

LIMS vs. QMS: What’s the difference and when do you need each?

Along your journey in choosing software for your lab, you will likely come across a LIMS and a QMS. How are these two platforms different, and what are the signs your lab needs each? We’ll explore both of these topics in this article.


September 26, 2023

The Blueprint for the Perfect LIMS

With this comprehensive overview of the six key factors every lab must consider, you’ll know which LIMS features you need to streamline and scale your operations.


March 15, 2023

Managing Your Lab's Data

If you run a lab, you will generate data. When a lab produces data, there are often regulations and rules regarding how to keep the data, store the data, and so on.


October 12, 2018

Does Your Lab Need A LIMS?

Does your lab need a LIMS? Yes, if you want to be efficient and competitive in the market.


October 28, 2018

What is a LIMS?

Discover the basics of LIMS, features, and types. We’re examining how a LIMS is crucial to increasing your lab's efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.


March 7, 2023

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